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Brown Noise: How to Help Your Teen with ADHD Focus

Person using brown noise for ADHD focus issues

Raising a teenager with ADHD can be a challenge. You want the best for them and give them the tools that will help them manage their symptoms and thrive. Many nonprescription tools can be instrumental in helping teens with ADHD focus. Sounds and unstructured audio can be particularly challenging for individuals living with neurodevelopmental disorders. Brown noise for ADHD management might be something that can assist your teen when they’re studying or focusing on other tasks.

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ADHD and Neurodevelopment

Neurodevelopment can be an intimidating term for parents. However, neurodevelopmental disorders are just conditions that affect the brain and neurological system. Common neurodevelopmental disorders include:

  • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
  • Learning disabilities

The range of symptoms among neurodevelopmental conditions and how individuals manage them is wide. More recently, the term “neurodiverse” has grown in popularity since it is more inclusive of individuals with varying neurodevelopmental needs. It recognizes that everyone’s brain is unique, and the way individuals process information and interact with the world greatly varies.

Cutting Through the Noise

Sounds can be especially disruptive and unsettling for individuals living with neurodevelopmental disorders like ADHD. Public places that are loud, busy, and chaotic can be overwhelming for someone who has difficulties with focusing or regulating their emotions. Even small, private study spaces can quickly become overwhelming if there is too much background noise. This is where brown noise for ADHD focus comes in.

White Noise for ADHD: A Colorful Spectrum

White noise, also known as broadband noise, contains all frequencies across audible sound. It’s a popular term that many people associate with television or radio static. However, there are several noise “colors” in the broadband spectrum:

  • White noise – Similar to noise from fans, TV static, or the hum from a vacuum. It’s the most uniform and standard broadband noise.
  • Pink noise – Gentle rain showers, flowing water, and light wind. The pitch is just lower than standard white noise.
  • Brown noise – Thunder rumbles, falling water, and heavy rainstorms. It’s even deeper than pink noise.

Some studies have shown that brown noise for ADHD can help with focus and relaxation.

Why Does Brown Noise for ADHD Focus Work?

ADHD is when the command center in the brain has difficulty regulating thoughts and behaviors. It’s like the sound mixing board where all channels are on full blast. Everything is happening at once, so it can be hard to filter out what’s important and what’s not. Broadband noise creates a steady, constant hum that can help an individual focus on one task or thought at a time. Brown noise, in particular, has a deeper frequency than white or pink noise, making it less jarring and more soothing for some individuals with ADHD.

How to Use Brown Noise for ADHD Focus

The great thing about brown noise is that it can be easily accessed through various platforms and devices. You can easily stream it via:

  • Music apps like Spotify
  • YouTube videos
  • Mindfulness platforms

Some individuals may prefer listening to brown noise through headphones, while others may find it helpful to have it playing in the background. The key is finding what works best for your teen.

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