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Family First Adolescent Services is proud to offer best-in-class behavioral treatment for complex issues in adolescents looking to reclaim the lives they truly deserve.

James McManus



James McManus



"The goal of Family First Adolescent Services is to help families stop being controlled by mental health & substance use disorders and begin building a roadmap based on compassion, boundaries and self-care that families can use together to navigate the lifelong journey ahead of them."

Why Choose Us?

Teens need more than a traditional treatment program to heal. We’ve dedicated our lives to understanding and treating teenage behavioral issues in a way that few ever have. Learn more about what makes us unique.

The FFAS Difference

Learn more about the Family First Adolescent Services difference

Learn more about our revolutionary approach to adolescent treatment

What we treat

Areas of expertise

Family First Adolescent Services offers treatment for a wide range of complex issues that are facing teens.

As Seen on Dr. Phil

Family First Adolescent Services President and Founder James McManus was a guest on the Dr. Phil Show. James was there to help a family who’s teenage son was suffering from a new type of issue: problematic gaming. Watch as James and Dr. Phil present to the boy and his parents a path that focuses on love and treatment of the underlying issues.

Our Programs

Routes to recovery

Family First Adolescent Services offers a cutting-edge model of treatment for addressing mental health and substance use challenges facing teens and their families. Our approach encompasses three main dimensions: Therapy, Education and Family Remodeling. Continue below to find out more.

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