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Family Systems Therapy Program


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a teen and parent talk to a therapist in a family systems therapy program During adolescence, change is constant. Teens are no longer as reliant on their parents and are building their own identities. This period of constant change can be stressful, often creating natural tension between family members. At Family First Adolescent Services, we know that family support is one of the most important pieces of helping teens heal deep-rooted emotional issues. Our family systems therapy program helps bridge the gaps between teens and their loved ones.

If your son is lashing out, isolating, addicted to gaming, or using drugs and alcohol, we can help. These behaviors are rooted in deeper, more complex feelings he may not know how to connect with or express. Our team creates a supportive, compassionate environment where he can explore his feelings, reconnect with himself, and build a better path forward. Call 888.904.5947 to find the support he needs in our adolescent therapy programs.

The Challenges of Adolescence

Adolescence is a critical phase filled with physical, emotional, and psychological changes. These changes can lead to misunderstandings and strain in family relationships. Teens strive for independence and may clash with family norms. This struggle, combined with puberty, can increase conflict and stress. Parents may struggle to understand their teen, creating communication gaps. This disconnect can cause resentment and confusion for both parties.

What Is Family Systems Therapy?

The family systems model defines the family unit as a complex social system in which members interact to influence each other’s behavior. At Family First, you will learn how members of your family interconnect, influence, and impact each other as a system rather than an isolated individual or problem. Teens are more attuned to family relationships than many think.

  • 27% of teens report problems within their family
  • 20% are concerned about their parents’ relationship
  • 27% of teens are concerned about a family member’s physical or mental health

Our family systems therapy program is based on the belief that individuals are inseparable from their families and cannot truly heal without addressing the underlying family issues. We schedule family therapy sessions that complement each teen’s individual sessions. Parents also participate in parent-only groups, where they can build strategies with others in similar situations.

Our Teen and Family Therapy Program

At Family First, the entire family is our client. We work diligently with appropriate members of the family to address the patterns and issues affecting them. Our comprehensive approach brings different groups of people together to complement each teen’s therapy plan.

  • Teen counselingIndividual and group counseling sessions bring teens together with their therapists and peers to explore their deep feelings and build coping skills
  • Parent focus groups – Parents come together to learn about their teens’ challenges, share experiences, and receive support from other parents facing similar challenges
  • Weekly family therapy – Family therapy brings teens and parents together to explore communication and relational patterns, identify unhealthy behaviors, and learn healthy ways to interact with each other
  • Alumni and aftercare support – For a year or more after treatment, our teens and families receive ongoing support to maintain healthy relationships and continue the healing process

By providing tailored support and education in different areas of the treatment process, we allow parents and teens to be vulnerable in expressing their concerns so they can work together during family sessions.

Call Family First to Start Family Systems Therapy in Florida

We understand how challenging it can be to navigate the turbulent teenage years. Our team is here to support and guide your family through this transition by addressing underlying family dynamics that may contribute to your son’s behavioral issues. Our holistic approach focuses on healing the entire family system, not just your son. Call 888.904.5947 or connect with us online to start our family systems therapy program in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.