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Adolescent Psychiatric Care


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Teenagers constantly go through several changes as they advance from childhood to adulthood. This period comes with its unique challenges and pressures, making it crucial for parents to take note of any red flags of mental health issues. While teenage mental health problems are increasingly common, teenage boys are more at risk. Unfortunately, many parents ignore the signs, leading to the eruption of even more significant issues. If you notice any concerning behaviors in your son, it’s essential to seek adolescent psychiatric care to ensure his well-being and the family’s safety. To learn more about adolescent therapy programs, call us at 888.904.5947 or contact us online today.

Is Your Teenage Son At Risk of Mental Health Issues?

Teenage boys are at a higher risk of experiencing mental health issues than girls. In teenage boys, the onset of mental health issues is commonly associated with externalizing behaviors such as substance use, aggressive behaviors, and conduct issues. Approximately one in five teenagers will experience a mental health issue. Therefore, it’s essential to keep an eye out for potential issues in your son.

Various risk factors put teenage boys at more risk of mental health issues, including stress from schoolwork, exposure to violence or abuse, bullying, and substance use. Also, they may often struggle with issues such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorders or experience PTSD, especially if they have undergone (or been witness to) traumatic events such as death, physical or sexual abuse, and domestic violence.

Signs that Adolescents Are Experiencing Mental Health Issues

One of the biggest challenges faced by parents is identifying potential issues in teenage boys. Adolescents can hide their feelings and emotions by showing anger, irritability, or indifference or becoming passive and withdrawn. They may also experience significant changes in sleeping patterns, eating habits, and increased negative thoughts.

Other signs of mental health issues in teenage boys include:

  • Sudden changes in academic performance
  • Trouble with authority
  • Increased impulsivity

They may also show an inclination to substance use and become more distant from family members and friends.

What Is Adolescent Psychiatry Care?

Adolescent psychiatry care is a specialized form of psychiatric treatment that focuses on addressing and treating mental health issues experienced by adolescents. This comprehensive treatment is provided by licensed child and adolescent psychiatrists who have extensive expertise in working with teenagers. These professionals are equipped to address a wide range of conditions commonly faced by adolescents, including but not limited to depression, anxiety, and substance use disorders.

The primary goal of adolescent psychiatry care is to provide much-needed support and care for teenagers who may be going through mental distress. This specialized form of treatment encompasses various therapeutic approaches, including psychotherapy, medication management, and other evidence-based interventions tailored to the unique needs of adolescents. By offering a holistic and individualized approach, adolescent psychiatry can help promote overall mental well-being and facilitate the healthy development of teenagers during this crucial stage of life.

Benefits of Adolescent Psychiatry Care in Florida

Access to a Comprehensive Model of Care

Adolescent psychiatry care comes with a multidisciplinary team approach, allowing teenagers to receive treatment from therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists.

Customized Treatment Plans

Each patient has varying treatment needs, and an adolescent psychiatrist will design a customized treatment plan based on their condition and symptoms.

Improved Treatment Outcomes

Adolescent psychiatrists have the experience, skills, and knowledge needed to diagnose and treat a wide range of mental health conditions, leading to faster and better treatment outcomes.

Aftercare Support

Adolescent psychiatry programs offer aftercare support such as group therapy, individual therapy, and family support to improve adolescent treatment outcomes.

Safe and Secure Environment

Residential adolescent psychiatry care provides a safe and secure environment where teenagers can receive treatment without distractions and triggers.

Get Help Today from Family First Adolescent Services

Family First Adolescent Services offers a comprehensive adolescent psychiatry care program that caters to the specific needs of teenagers facing mental health problems. Our team of experts provides comprehensive care in a safe and secure environment, providing teenage boys with the necessary tools to recover while also offering aftercare support.

If your teenage son needs care, don’t hesitate to contact us today at 888.904.5947 or online. Our dedicated team is here to help them achieve long-lasting recovery, stability, and improved well-being.