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Parent and Family Support Program


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teens talk to a therapist in a family support and treatment program Parents and families often play a crucial role in the treatment process for adolescent and teen boys. They provide support, guidance, and love to their child during their recovery in an adolescent rehab program. However, it is also important for parents and families to take care of themselves and receive support as they navigate through this challenging time. This is where parent and family support programs come into play.

The parent and family support program at Family First Adolescent Services is designed to provide guidance, education, and resources to parents of adolescent and teen boys who are struggling with behavioral, mental health, or substance abuse issues. Our program offers a safe and supportive space for parents to share their experiences, concerns, and struggles with other parents who are going through similar situations. Call 888.904.5947 or connect with us online for more information about how we can help.

Parent and Family Support at Family First

Family First Adolescent Services specializes in treating the most common and complex mental health, substance use, and problematic gaming uses that teen boys and their families face. Years of experience, advanced training, and a commitment to continual improvement of our clinical program have created the opportunity to heal for thousands of families across the country and worldwide through our family support and treatment program.

Family Support Before Treatment

Parents are met with warmth, compassion, and steady professionalism from the moment they call our helpline at Family First. Our highly trained admissions staff guide families through support meetings to ensure a smooth transition into the treatment process. We aim to support families as they navigate the obstacles to finding the right kind of support for their son by coordinating with the insurance company, connecting parents with different team members to answer their questions, and creating an action plan for moving forward.

Family Support During Treatment

Parents receive five different points of contact from their son’s care team at Family First within the first seven days of starting treatment. We believe this comprehensive and immersive level of communication is necessary to ensure a successful on-boarding for families into the treatment process. From there, parents are supported with weekly family therapy sessions with the family therapist, weekly updates from the program coordinator, weekly academic updates from our academic team, and multiple offerings for virtual group therapy and support meetings for patients and families every week.

Family Support After Treatment

Parents and their sons are on-boarded to our alumni program on the day of discharge. Aftercare programming includes up to a year of direct follow-up and youth case management support from our alumni coordinator, weekly support meetings, collaboration and community with other alumni parents, events, and an alumni app.

Why Parent and Family Support Is so Important

Parents and families play a critical role in the recovery process of adolescents struggling with mental health, behavioral, or substance abuse issues. That’s why Family First offers parent and family support programs to ensure that loved ones are involved and engaged in their son’s journey toward wellness.

Here are some of the key benefits of including parent and family support in treatment programs for adolescent boys:

  • Improved communication – Parent and family support programs provide a safe space for open and honest communication between the child and their loved ones. This can help bridge any communication gaps, improve understanding, and foster healthier relationships.
  • Increased involvement – By involving parents and families in treatment, adolescents are more likely to feel supported and motivated. This, in turn, can lead to better treatment outcomes and a more successful recovery.
  • Better understanding of the treatment process – Many parents may not fully understand their child’s struggles, which can add to feelings of frustration or helplessness. Parent support meetings and educational programs can help parents gain a better understanding of their child’s condition and the treatment process, making it easier for them to provide support.
  • Addressing family dynamics – Adolescent mental health, behavioral, and substance abuse issues can often stem from underlying family dynamics. By involving parents and families in treatment, these dynamics can be addressed and improved, leading to a healthier and more supportive environment for the adolescent’s recovery.
  • Continued support after treatment – Parent and family support programs don’t end once the adolescent completes their treatment. These programs often offer ongoing support and resources for families to ensure a smooth transition back home and continued success in recovery.

Family First creates a supportive and empowering environment where teens can heal and thrive by involving loved ones in the process. Your involvement makes the road to recovery smoother and more successful.

Find the Support You Need at Family First Adolescent Services

Parent and family support is crucial during the treatment process for adolescent and teen boys. It not only benefits the parents and families themselves but also greatly contributes to the success of the individual’s recovery. For more information about our programs and services and how they could help, contact Family First at 888.904.5947 or online today.