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Adolescent Art Therapy


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a teen colors a picture in an art therapy program Recognizing issues in your teen’s behavior, like isolation, problematic gaming, or substance use, can cause worry. These issues are most likely how they’re coping with challenging emotions that they don’t know how to express on their own. Creative outlets, like art or music, can help them develop new ways of addressing their feelings in healthier ways. The adolescent art therapy programming at Family First helps provide a safe, structured place to practice these outlets.  

Our team of experienced therapists uses art therapy techniques to help teens explore and express their emotions in a non-verbal way. This can be especially beneficial for those who struggle with verbal communication or have difficulty opening up about their feelings. Your teen can find hope and healing at our Palm Beach Gardens, FL, treatment center. Call 888.904.5947 and find out how our adolescent therapy program could offer the support they need.  

Benefits of Art Therapy for Adolescents and Teens 

Art therapy can be a transformative experience for young people. It offers a unique avenue for self-expression, helping adolescents and teens to articulate feelings that may be difficult to put into words. Through our art therapy program for adolescents and teens, we help them:  

  • Process and cope with difficult emotions 
  • Improve self-esteem and self-awareness 
  • Develop healthy coping mechanisms 
  • Enhance communication skills 
  • Manage stress and anxiety  
  • Increase problem-solving abilities  
  • Learn to express themselves in a safe and non-judgmental environment  

By engaging in creative outlets, your teen can learn to better understand and manage their emotions, leading to improved mental and emotional well-being.  

The Family First Art Therapy Program in Florida 

At Family First Adolescent Services, our approach to art therapy combines evidence-based therapeutic approaches with the power of creative expression. Teens will create in several ways, like:  

  • Painting 
  • Drawing 
  • Collage making 

Through these mediums, our therapists will guide teens in exploring their thoughts and emotions while also providing a safe and supportive space for them to process their experiences. Our goal is to help adolescents and teens develop healthier coping strategies and improve overall emotional well-being through art therapy.  

Our Approach to Art Therapy for Adolescents 

Our art therapy programming in Florida is structured to provide the most beneficial experience for our clients. Each session is tailored to the individual needs of the adolescent or teen, ensuring they receive the necessary support and guidance to navigate their emotional journey. The art therapy programming is scheduled in conjunction with evidence-based therapies and the psychiatric support your teen needs. 

By making therapy engaging and enriching, we help teens understand the value of creativity in the healing process. In addition to having a new outlet to express their disruptive emotions, they’ll also practice new skills for creatively managing situations. Instead of easily giving up when faced with a new hurdle, they’ll have the tools to think outside the box and overcome challenges.  

Why Choose Family First Adolescent Services for Art Therapy 

Choosing Family First Adolescent Services for your teen’s art therapy program in Florida means choosing a team of professionals with years of collective clinical experience. We’ve helped families from 49 states and four countries, providing best-in-class care in a safe and loving environment.  

While your teen attends our South Florida center, we work closely with your family to build a more supportive, accepting environment where your teen can continue healing. Long-term success is a team effort, and we believe that family involvement in the healing process is crucial. We also provide at least 12 months of aftercare support for your entire family.  

Call Family First Adolescent Services and Get Help for Your Teen 

Help your teen begin the journey toward emotional healing and self-discovery today. Reach out to us online or at 888.904.5947 today and speak with a member of our team about enrolling them in our adolescent therapy program. Together, we can help them discover a better future.