A Caring Community

One of the essential aspects of any quality program is the ongoing support and community available to clients after discharge. We begin every admission with this transition in mind, and the alumni team begins developing a relationship with every client very early in their time with us. Consistent trust-building and individualized support are among the many reasons for the long-term success of our alumni. 

We know that transitions can be challenging after treatment, so we provide ongoing support to our alumni in a variety of ways. We want to know how things are going, and that clients know that they are always part of our extended family. Of course, we will check in on a regular basis, but we continue to provide support groups for parents and alumni, community activities, and provide an on-call resource.  

All graduates of the program are immediately enrolled in our alumni program when they leave. The alumni program consists of weekly case management calls, twice weekly support meetings for parents, twice weekly meetings for the boys, and engagement with the rest of our community through the Family First Smartphone App.

A Trusted Resource

Family First has helped thousands of clients and their families navigate their unique circumstances and maintain their long-term health and vitality. The strength and passion of our extended alumni community are what make that possible.  We love hearing from our alumni and families in times of challenge and triumph. We. Are. Family. First. 

A Note From Our Alumni

After my time with Family First, it's like I'm a different person with a different family. They helped me understand myself, and now we're all making better choices. Best of all, I'm still in touch with them, and I know they are there if I ever need them."

Get the Family First Alumni App

Alumni, parents, and boys can share updates, ask questions, support others, and stay connected through their recovery. The Family First App is a tool to help them receive support when they need it the most.