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Adolescent Rehab Alumni Program


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a teen in a rehab alumni program smilesWhen individuals complete their treatment program, they may feel a sense of uncertainty and vulnerability as they transition back into their daily lives. The alumni program at Family First Adolescent Services serves as a support system for clients during this critical time. It provides a sense of community and belonging, which can be crucial in maintaining sobriety.

For more information about our alumni program, treatment resources, or upcoming events at Family First Adolescent Services, call 888.904.5947 or connect with us online.

A Caring Recovery Community at Family First

One of the essential aspects of any quality program is the ongoing support and community available to clients after discharge. Our alumni program is a core component of our adolescent treatment resources. We begin every admission with this transition in mind, and the alumni team begins developing a relationship with every client very early in their time with us. Consistent trust-building and individualized support are among the many reasons for the long-term success of our alumni.

We know that transitions can be challenging after treatment, so we provide ongoing support to our alumni in various ways. We want to know how things are going, and we want our clients to know that they are always part of our extended family. We will check in regularly, but we continue to provide support groups for parents and alumni, community activities, and an on-call resource after discharge.

All program graduates are immediately enrolled in our alumni program when they leave. Our alumni program consists of:

  • Weekly case management calls
  • Twice-weekly support meetings for parents
  • Twice-weekly individual and group therapy meetings for our clients
  • Engagement with our alumni recovery community through the Family First app for smartphones

We understand that the journey of recovery is not always easy, and there may be challenges along the way. That’s why we offer ongoing support through our alumni program. Whether you need someone to talk to, resources for continued growth, or just a friendly connection, we are here for you.

Insights and Events

As alumni, you have unique insights and experiences that can benefit the current clients at Family First. We encourage you to stay involved with us, whether it be through attending events or sharing your story with others. Your journey can inspire others and show them that there is hope for a brighter future.

Throughout the year, we host various events specifically for our alumni community. These events provide opportunities for networking, learning, and growth. You will also have access to exclusive resources and support from our team. We believe that by staying connected with us, you can continue on your path of healing and self-discovery.
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We Are Family First

Family First has helped thousands of clients and their families navigate their unique circumstances and maintain their long-term health and vitality. Our extended alumni community’s strength and passion make that possible. We love hearing from our alumni and families in times of challenge and triumph. Learn more by contacting Family First Adolescent Services today at 888.904.5947 or online.