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Neurodevelopmental Treatment for Adolescents


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a teen participates in neurodevelopmental treatment When your child is struggling with challenges at school, in their personal relationships, and even engaging in things they enjoy, you want to do everything you can to help them. Neurodevelopmental treatment for adolescents helps young people with learning and intellectual impairments, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  

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More About Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Teens 

Neurodevelopmental disorders occur on a spectrum. This means that they can range from mild to severe, and highly individualized symptoms vary in intensity. Since these challenges are so unique to each teen, treatment must be personalized.  

At Family First, our team of experts is experienced in working with teens who have neurodevelopmental disorders. We use evidence-based techniques and therapies to help address the specific needs of each individual. Our goal is to provide a safe and supportive environment for your child to learn how to manage their symptoms and develop healthy coping mechanisms. 

Recognizing when Neurodevelopmental Disorders Treatment Can Help 

It can be challenging to identify neurodevelopmental disorders in teens and adolescents, as they may exhibit different symptoms or behavior than younger children. However, some signs might help you spot when specialized testing could help uncover when extra attention is needed: 

  • Difficulty with social interactions and communication 
  • Trouble learning new skills or concepts 
  • Lack of coordination or motor skills development 
  • Struggles with attention, focus, and self-regulation 
  • Challenges with organization and time management 

Neurodevelopmental treatment can have a significant impact on the lives of teenagers struggling with these issues. 

What to Look For in Teen Neurodevelopment Disorder Treatment 

When searching for treatment for your child’s neurodevelopmental disorder, it’s essential to consider the following factors: 

  • Experienced professionals with specialized training in working with teens 
  • A personalized treatment plan tailored to your child’s unique needs and goals 
  • Evidence-based therapies and techniques that have been proven effective for adolescents with neurodevelopmental disorders 
  • A supportive and engaging environment where your child can feel comfortable and safe 
  • Ongoing support and resources for you as a parent to continue helping your child thrive after treatment  

Since neurodevelopmental disorders occur on a spectrum, it’s especially important to find support that truly works for your teen. Not all treatment centers that provide services for teens with neurodevelopmental disorders will be right for your child.  

Teen Neurodevelopmental Disorder Treatment at Our Center 

At Family First Adolescent Services, we tailor our neurodevelopmental treatment plans to each teen’s specific needs, using a combination of therapeutic approaches that have been proven effective. We also provide support for families to help parents understand the best ways to support their child. 

For Teens 

We understand that teenagers may feel disconnected from traditional forms of therapy. That’s why we offer engaging and hands-on methods, like expressive art therapy, exercise classes, and group outings, to help teens connect with their emotions and develop healthy coping strategies. 

Our educational program helps connect the dots between learning difficulties and underlying neurodevelopmental issues. We focus on self-regulation and executive functioning to help your teen succeed in school and beyond.  

For Families 

We believe that family involvement is crucial to a teenager’s recovery. Our programs include regular family therapy sessions, as well as support for parents in understanding their child’s challenges and how to best support them at home. 

Our team of experts will work closely with you and your teen to develop an aftercare plan to ensure continued success after treatment.  

Call for Teen Neurodevelopmental Disorders Treatment in Florida at Family First 

If you believe your child may be struggling with a neurodevelopmental disorder, reach out to Family First Adolescent Services for help. Our trained professionals are experienced in working with teens and their families, providing compassionate and effective treatment for a wide range of neurodevelopmental challenges. Contact us online today or at 888.904.5947 to start the conversation with our team.