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Adolescent Aftercare Program


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a teen smiles while participating in an Adolescent Aftercare Program When clients complete the Family First Adolescent Services program, our teen aftercare program plans for the next steps by helping teens and their families transition back into their home environment. Treatment programs lay a solid foundation for the work ahead, allowing clients to begin addressing the underlying issues and developing tools, attitudes, and behaviors to support positive growth. Contact Family First at 888.904.5947 or online for more information about our adolescent rehab program and the options for continuing care in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

After Treatment and Discharge

At Family First, continuing care plans are always customized to each individual’s unique circumstances, needs, and location. Our recommendations generally include a referral to the most appropriate next step, such as:

  • An extended care program
  • An intensive outpatient program (IOP)
  • A therapist
  • A therapeutic boarding school

In this way, we can provide our client with “wrap-around” treatment that supports the work he has already done and gives him the opportunity to apply his new skills to the real world.

For clients local to Palm Beach Gardens, FL, we recommend continued treatment through Family First Adolescent Service’s intensive outpatient program. Here, clients will continue to see a therapist and participate in three weekly groups.

All of our clients and families have our continued support throughout this transition. Our alumni coordinator contacts the client and his parents or guardians by phone within 24 hours of their scheduled appointment for aftercare.

We follow up with weekly check-ins for the first month, then monthly for up to 12 months or more. Our alumni team will ask about any concerns or issues during this transition that we might be able to help with and discuss what to expect in the first weeks and months of step-down. We’ll also call to celebrate milestones and to invite former clients and sometimes families to special alumni events.

Teen Continuing Care Options and Alumni Program at Family First

Continuing care planning helps teens and their families transition into a lower level of care or back into their home environment following the completion of our program. Our experienced team of caring professionals will provide individualized recommendations regarding the next best step to support healing and lasting recovery.

One of the essential aspects of any quality teen extended care program is the ongoing support and community available to clients after discharge. We begin every admission with this transition in mind, and our alumni after-treatment team begins developing a relationship with every client very early in their time with us. Consistent trust-building and individualized support are among the many reasons for the long-term success of our alumni.

Access Adolescent and Teen Continuing Care at Family First

Our adolescent and teen aftercare program is a plan for ongoing clinical support and assistance to clients and families as they transition to a lower level of care after our program. Planning begins early in a client’s stay and is a collaboration between our clinical team and the family as we track each teen’s progress. Call Family First Adolescent Services at 888.904.5947 or contact us online to get started today.