Dual Diagnosis

Dealing with Dual Diagnosis 

To truly understand a teenage boy struggling with mental health issues, they must be first properly evaluated. Most of our clients have multiple symptoms across the mental health spectrum. Family First separates itself from other providers with a treatment process that starts with a full Neuropsychological Evaluation to determine the proper diagnosis and subsequent treatment protocol. 


Signs & Symptoms of Teen Dual Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis is a term that often describes being diagnosed with both a substance use disorder and mental health disorder. So often, treatment for substance use disorders are incomplete because they ignore the vitally important aspects of a person’s mental health that are driving, intensifying, and perpetuating their substance use issues.

By the Numbers

6 in 10

teens who abuse substances have a mental health disorder


of Americans suffer from dual diagnosis 


of individuals with a mental health disorder also abuse substances 

Seeking Treatment For Your Son

We recognize that there are a lot of feelings, factors, and emotions that go into the process of selecting a quality program for your son. We offer a safe, supportive, caring, and nurturing environment staffed by dedicated professionals who are committed to helping your son and your family get on a sustainable path towards healing. We encourage you to speak with one of our trained professionals who can assist you in making the next right move for your son.

What We Treat