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Communications with Family First Adolescent Services


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a therapist talks to a teen and parent in an adolescent therapy programMaking the decision to find help for your son at a treatment center away from home is difficult. You might feel like you’ll be even more disconnected from him and the healing process. Our team provides an unparalleled experience for parents and guardians. Communication at Family First Adolescent Services is clear, concise, and compassionate at every step of the treatment process and regular check-ins. We understand the importance of what we communicate and how and why we do so.

Your son can build a better future; he doesn’t have to continue down his current path. We’re available to help. Call 888.904.5947 to discover how our adolescent therapy programs in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, can teach your son the skills he needs to reconnect with himself and find a better way forward.

Keeping Parents and Professionals Involved

We work closely with parents, healthcare providers, teachers, and other professionals who are part of your son’s life. By keeping everyone involved, we create a stronger support system for your son’s recovery and future success. Our team collaborates with professionals to ensure a seamless transition back into daily life after treatment.

Staying in touch with everyone in the healing process is also important to developing our care plans. We want to ensure that your son’s time at Family First is helpful toward his future and that he stays on track with his current commitments, like school. Rather than isolating families, we encourage open communication and involvement to help your son thrive.

Communication at Family First Adolescent Services

Our professionals create an individualized communication plan supporting the overall treatment plan for everyone involved. We prioritize three main goals for effective communication: intention, frequency, and collaboration.

  • Intention – We provide clear, consistent, compassionate, relevant, and transparent information to all parties.
  • Frequency – We provide timely access to information from multi-disciplinary team members, including psychiatry, clinical, operations, and academic staff, supporting each treatment plan.
  • Collaboration – We work very closely with schools, therapeutic and educational consultants, doctors, local therapists, and treatment centers to ensure the most comprehensive community of care for each client.

Teens at our center also receive communication about their progress and treatment plans. We strive to help them explore their deep emotions, which can only happen when our team connects with them on their level. Clients meet with a nurse every morning and a psychiatric provider at least once per week to review their progress.

How We Communicate with Families

We understand the importance of communication with family members. While your teen is in our care, a dedicated case manager enables effective communication via text, phone, and email to parents back home. Parents receive regular updates about progress at least three times per week, and case managers are available 24/7 via text.

Communication with families is especially important for creating a healthier home environment. During your son’s time at Family First, we work directly with you to create a better space for your son. Our team leads therapy sessions to help him begin his own healing journey, provides tools for healthier communication, and helps establish boundaries for a smoother transition once your son returns home.

Family First Communication with Professionals

We pride ourselves on working very closely with professionals of all types to support a high-quality outcome for each client. We promise a collaborative interaction with schools, therapeutic and educational consultants, doctors, local therapists, treatment centers, and all other concerned professionals. The case manager or any member of the care team can coordinate the preferred mode and method of communication.

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Communication at Family First Adolescent Services is one of our top priorities. We understand that finding help for your son is a difficult decision, so we keep you involved throughout the entire process. Our team is dedicated to open and honest communication with all parties involved in your son’s care, including parents, professionals, and, most importantly, your son. Contact us online or at 888.904.5947 today to help your son find a better way forward.