The Family First Program For Families

Family First provides an unparalleled experience guiding family communication, with clear, consistent, and compassionate communication with parents and professionals. We understand the importance of what we communicate and how and why we do so.

Our family communication specialists create an individualized communication plan supporting the overall treatment plan for all involved parties. 

Intention, Frequency & Collaboration

  • Intention: We provide clear, consistent, compassionate, relevant, and transparent information to all parties.

  • Frequency: We provide timely access to information from multi-disciplinary team members, including psychiatry, clinical, operations, and academic staff, supporting each treatment plan.

  • Collaboration: We work very closely with schools, therapeutic and educational consultants, doctors, local therapists, and treatment facilities to ensure the most comprehensive community of care for each client.

Communication with Family

We understand the importance of communication with family members. While a client is in our care, a dedicated case manager facilitates the method and mode of communication most supportive to all. In addition, facilitated family communication via case managers is a core part of our individualized family treatment plan that addresses challenges and opportunities to strengthen the overall family system. 

Communication with Professionals

We pride ourselves on working very closely with professionals of all types to support a high-quality outcome for each client. We promise a collaborative interaction with schools, therapeutic and educational consultants, doctors, local therapists, treatment facilities, and all other concerned professionals. The case manager or any member of the care team can coordinate the preferred mode and method of communication.

Still have questions?

If you are an individual or a family member seeking more information about our programs, we encourage you to contact us directly to speak with a trained, caring, professional who is ready to offer you support.