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a teen chats with a counselor about the Family First Adolescent Services promiseThe Family First Adolescent Services’ purpose and promise is to put your family first in everything we do. Our culture, philosophy, and driving clinical principles center around helping your son reconnect with himself and rebuild relationships with your family.

A good, healthy future exists for your son—we are committed to helping him find it. Learn more about Family First by calling us at 888.904.5947.

We Are Family First

Among the many challenges in working with adolescents, one of the most fundamental is the role of family in their world. The space between childhood and adulthood they live in creates a natural tension with those closest to them. Our goal is to relax that tension, allowing them to view themselves in a positive light while recognizing family is on their side supporting them.

During treatment, we invite your son into our family. They’ll have a safe, supportive environment where they can begin healing. Meanwhile, we work closely with you, as parents, to create a compassionate, connected space where he feels comfortable expressing himself in healthy ways. After treatment, we stay connected through alumni and aftercare programs that provide continued resources for long-term healing.

History of the Family First Adolescent Services Promise

Our founders have personal experience with adolescent treatment. They wanted to offer an alternative to the overbearing methods found in some treatment centers. Family First Adolescent Services promises to create a collaborative environment for our clients and their families. Here, they can truly connect with treatment in a meaningful way.

Since 2014, we have been helping rebuild families through compassionate, evidence-based mental health treatment for teens. Our years of experience have proven that adolescents need a specialized approach that meets them on their level while addressing what’s driving surface-level symptoms like uncontrolled anger, problematic gaming, and isolation.

Clinically Owned and Operated

Family First is clinically founded, owned, and operated. Our entire mission revolves around the delivery of quality care and clinical excellence. With more than 120 combined years of clinical expertise, our team brings a wealth of knowledge and curiosity to treatment that enables us to connect each teen with a treatment method that works for their unique situation.

Our staff is:

  • NARM®-certified – The NeuroAffective Relational Model® helps us address complex trauma that drives many of the challenges teens face.
  • In a 3:1 ratio – Our staff-to-client ratio is more than 3:1, which allows our clients to receive the care and attention they need to learn and heal.
  • Focused on safety – The teens at Family First are our priority. We create a safe, compassionate environment where they can focus on healing.
  • Available 24/7 – Your family can get in touch with our case managers via text at any time. You’ll also receive at least three contacts per week.

When your son stays at our treatment center, they become part of our family. They’ll meet with a dedicated nurse every morning to check in with them and see a psychiatric provider at least once a week to monitor their progress.

Find Help for Your Son by Calling Family First Adolescent Services

We are guided by a deep commitment to helping teens and families heal. The Family First Adolescent Services’ purpose and promise is to always put your family first in everything we do. Our treatment center is located in beautiful Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, a place where your son can heal and recharge. Reach out to us today and discover how we can help your son find a healthy, positive future. Call 888.904.5947 now or complete our simple online form for more information.