We Are Family First 

We. Are. Family. First. It’s not just our name, it’s our culture, philosophy, and driving clinical principle.

Among the many challenges in working with adolescents, one of the most fundamental is the role of family in the adolescent’s world. No longer a child, and not yet an adult, the stage of adolescent development creates a natural tension that doesn’t exist outside of a family system. That’s what we mean when we say, “the entire family is our client.”

We invite your teen into our family and provide a safe and nurturing environment for healing to occur. While in treatment, your son will be treated as a member of our own while we help to address family healing back home. Following treatment with us, the entire family remains in our alumni and aftercare programming as they join our ever-growing extended family.

Our History

Family First Adolescent Services has been helping teens and families address common and complex mental health and substance use disorders since 2014. Our years of experience have proven that adolescents need a specialized approach that meets them on their level while addressing what’s going on beneath the surface-level symptoms.

Family First Adolescent Services is clinician-founded, owned, and operated. This means that the entire operation revolves around the delivery of quality care and clinical excellence.

Our Mission

"To provide complete healing for teens and families."

"The goal of Family First Adolescent Services is to help families stop being controlled by mental health and substance use disorders. Together we can begin building a roadmap based on compassion, boundaries, and self-care that families can use together to navigate the lifelong journey ahead of them."

View Our Residences

Our residential properties provide a safe, secure environment that feels like home. The warm, family-style surroundings provide a natural setting for community-building, fun, and therapeutic healing.

Frequently Asked Questions

While every child’s situation is unique, there are certain questions our team answers most often.