Our Program

Family First Adolescent Services focuses on treating the most common and complex issues affecting young men ages 13-18. Since opening our doors in 2014, we’ve helped hundreds of adolescents and their families find meaningful and lasting healing. We believe in looking beyond surface-level symptoms and exploring the underlying issues that inform your son’s disordered behaviors.

We achieve this by providing treatment that is teen-specific, trauma-informed, that addresses the entire family, that plans for the long-term, and that is facilitated by best-in-class clinicians.

Our Team

Our Purpose and Our Promise

Since its Founding in 2014, our founders James McManus and Ben Cecil have seen firsthand that when the entire family begins a journey of healing and growth, their adolescent child feels more confident and supported in his own healing and growth. We are proud to share the success of the Family First Adolescent Services treatment model across the adolescent treatment space to increase the outcomes for all youth.

Frequently Asked Questions

While every child’s situation is unique, there are certain questions our team answers most often.