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Our Youth Education Programs are for teens who are struggling with mental health, behavioral health, substance use, or problematic gaming. Your teen may have to worry about what will happen to their schoolwork while they take a step back to deal with their current difficulties. The choice to get him help shouldn’t be complicated by the dilemma of having to leave school.

Customized plans for each client's goals and learning style

We’ve designed a youth educational program that prioritizes your child’s studies as a close second to his healing. We believe that parents and teens should never be forced to choose between a child’s health and education. 

We know how crushing it can feel to be fresh out of treatment, feeling healthy and equipped with a wealth of coping skills and recovery tools, but to have also fallen so far behind in school it feels like you’ll never catch up. 

In collaboration with parents, schools, and the treatment team, Family First Adolescent Services’ youth education programs team customizes educational plans for each student. Plans are developed to meet the learning styles and circumstances unique to our clients. 

Education Plans

High School Graduation Track

  • Current High School/Virtual School Curriculums 
  • Hospital Homebound Program 
  • Home Education Curriculums 
  • Curriculum Baseline Assessments and Skill Building 
  • Dual Enrollment with Palm Beach State College – Students must be an established student with the Palm Beach County School District and be able to commit to the time frame classes are offered within. Online classes are the only option for our students to enroll in this program. 
  • Florida Virtual School enrollment can be made possible for out of state students by establishing Palm Beach County residency based on our inpatient home addresses. 

College Readiness Track

  • ACT Prep 
  • SAT Prep 
  • PERT Prep 
  • Scholarship Research 
  • Common Application and Essay Writing Assistance 
  • FAFSA Application Assistance 
  • Arrangements can be made to provide students with tours of local colleges and to set up meetings with Academic Advisors. 

Career Readiness Track

  • Career Explorations Course 
  • Florida Shines website Enrollment and Assignments 
  • ASVAB Test Preparation 
  • Resume Writing 
  • Interview Preparation 
  • Mock Interview with Academic Case Manager 
  • Meetings with Military Recruitment Officers can be arranged when applicable. 

Professional Development Track

  • Students have the option to select online courses in a variety of subject areas including but not limited to Business Management, Computer Science, Data and Statistics, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Humanities, and Second Language Learning. 
  • EdX 
  • Coursera – Course Fees Required 
  • Udacity

Personal Development Track 

  • Personal Development Track 
  • Personal Adjustment Course – Taught by one of our Family First Certified Mental Health Counselors, this course covers major components of personal growth. 
  • Individual Development Project – A self-reflection activity encompassing expressing oneself through art, identifying values, building self-esteem, and goal setting. 

Executive Function Skill Development Track

Based on the book “The Smart but Scattered Guide to Success” by Peg Dawson, EdD, and Richard Guare, PhD Encompasses activities such as identifying Executive Function strengths and weaknesses, environmental modifications, and creating an Action Plan to overcome weakness areas.

Our Academics Team

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