About Admissions

Deciding to seek further treatment for your son is an extremely hard decision, as it should be, but one that our team understands provides hope of a better future for your child and family. At Family First Adolescent Services we take the time to not only get to know our adolescents, but their whole family units to provide the best course of holistic treatment. When you contact Family First Adolescent Services you will always be met with a compassionate, experienced individual who has helped many other parents and care takers who have stood where you are standing 

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At Family First, we know that treatment financing can make all the difference in receiving quality treatment. In addition, advisors and insurance companies sometimes push families towards lower-cost, poor-quality treatment options. As a result, this sets young people up for exposure to negative and even traumatic treatment experiences. To support families in their efforts to access quality young adult and adolescent treatment, Family First Adolescent Services accepts a wide range of insurance plans and provides financing options.

Frequently Asked Questions

While every child’s situation is unique, there are certain questions our team answers most often.