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We understand that every child’s situation is unique. Contact our team with your questions today.

a parent and teen start the Family First admissions process on a laptopWe know that seeking mental health treatment for your son is a hard decision. However, it brings hope for better futures for both him and your family. When you start the Family First admissions process, you will always be met with a compassionate, experienced individual who has helped many other parents and caretakers who have been in a similar position.

At Family First, we take time to get to know your family, not just your son. We develop meaningful relationships with everyone involved in order to promote true healing. If you are ready to start with Family First or have additional questions, you can call us at 888.904.5947 or complete our contact form.

What to Expect During Admissions

When you reach out to us, we are available—no matter what day or time. Our team is standing by 24/7 to answer your questions and help your family take the first steps toward healing. We will listen while you explain your situation, concerns for your son, and what you hope he can gain from treatment. You can also expect to answer some simple questions to help us get a better understanding of your situation.

  • Learn – Our team and your family will learn more about your son’s situation through caring conversations.
  • Gain perspective – Your family can discover that your son needs help addressing some deep-rooted issues that go beyond surface-level behaviors.
  • Build partnerships – We will work together, as providers and family, to help your son reconnect with himself and set healthy goals.

The Family First admissions process is designed to truly connect with your family. Rather than developing a plan to force your son into a program, we guide your family forward.

Paying for Treatment at Family First Adolescent Services

We strive to make high-quality mental health treatment available to adolescents. We accept a wide range of rehab insurance plans and provide financing options. During the Family First admissions process, one of our caring professionals will verify your insurance so you can understand the cost of treatment.

Start the Teen Mental Health Treatment Admissions Process Now

The Family First team is available now to help your family. Contact us at 888.904.5947 or complete our online form to find the help your son needs.