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Adolescent Somatic Therapy


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a teen boy thinks while a therapist takes notes during somatic therapy The mind-body connection plays a vital role in daily life and is especially important for teens. During adolescence, the rapid physical and mental changes they experience can make them feel out of control and overwhelmed. As a result, they might engage in unhealthy coping mechanisms, like substance use to numb their feelings, isolation to hide their embarrassment, or problematic gaming to find a sense of control. Somatic therapy can help bring them more in tune with their body, allowing them to manage these overwhelming feelings in a healthier way. 

Family First Adolescent Services helps teen boys ages 13-18 manage common and complex mental health challenges. We know that unhealthy behaviors aren’t the real issues they’re dealing with, so we help them explore the underlying mental and emotional challenges they face. We integrate a variety of somatic, experiential, and talk methods in our adolescent therapy programs for comprehensive support. Call 888.904.5947 to find help for your teen today. 

What Is Teen Somatic Experiencing Therapy? 

Somatic therapy, an innovative form of therapy, focuses on the mind-body connection to alleviate trauma and emotional distress. This therapeutic approach recognizes the crucial role physicality has in managing overall health, including mental health.  

Mental health professionals use a range of somatic therapy exercises and techniques, such as:  

  • Deep breathing to release tension and promote relaxation 
  • Mindful movement, like yoga or tai chi, to enhance body awareness 
  • Body scanning to identify areas of physical tension and release them 
  • Guided imagery to connect the mind and body through visualization exercises 

Engaging in somatic therapy is especially helpful for teens who have experienced trauma. It can help them process and cope with their emotions in a safe and controlled environment while also promoting self-awareness and self-regulation. In addition, somatic therapy can improve overall well-being by reducing stress and increasing resilience. 

How Somatic Therapy Can Benefit Teens 

Somatic therapy is especially beneficial for teens as it helps them navigate complex emotions and physical changes during adolescence. Some additional benefits of somatic therapy for teens include:  

  • Increases self-awareness and understanding of the mind-body connection 
  • Builds coping skills and resilience to better manage stress and overwhelming emotions 
  • Reduces symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues 
  • Helps improve self-esteem and body image  
  • Encourages healthy expression of emotions and communication with others 

By incorporating somatic therapy into a Family First treatment plan, teens can learn to regulate their emotions in a healthy way, build self-confidence, and improve their overall well-being. 

Our Approach to Somatic Therapy in Florida 

At Family First Adolescent Services, we know that movement and physical connection with the self aren’t just important for healing; they help teens stay engaged and motivated in their therapy journey. During talk therapy sessions, counselors might guide breathwork to release tension or bilateral stimulation to process trauma. Afterward, teens might move more intensely during CrossFit exercises at our gym.  

Our professionals also lead small groups of teens through challenging adventures like paddleboarding on the intercoastal waterways or deep-sea fishing off the Florida coast. These activities help teens further develop their mind-body connection while providing a safe and supportive environment for processing emotions. 

Call Family First to Find Help for Your Teen 

Your teen doesn’t have to struggle with unprocessed trauma and intense emotions on their own. The team at Family First Adolescent Services can provide comprehensive support and healing. We believe in treating the whole individual, including their physical and emotional well-being. Call 888.904.5947 or contact us online today to discover how time at our residential treatment center in beautiful South Florida can benefit your teen and family.