The Family First Therapy Program

Successful therapy sessions for teens require both in-depth assessments followed up by a sophisticated treatment model for working with the underlying conditions that are driving problematic symptoms and behaviors. 

Individual Therapy

Family First Adolescent Services offers an immersive clinical experience for teens by utilizing our proprietary 5-in-7 methodology. Boys coming into our program receive five individual therapy sessions within their first seven days of treatment, in addition to assessments. We are the only adolescent program utilizing this unique approach to clinical immersion. 

Individual therapy is seen as a collaborative process that is driven by the teen’s personal goals and guided by the therapist’s clinical expertise. Each member of the clinical team receives advanced training, supervision, and consultation. 

Group Therapy 

Group therapy is a vital component of residential treatment, allowing for clients to connect with their peers with honesty and vulnerability inside of a safe and controlled environment. 

Clinical Focus Weeks are week-long therapeutic modules that are designed to address mental health services for teens, including cognitive, emotional, interpersonal, and somatic realms of experience. Each week’s therapy sessions provides an immersive opportunity to explore a specific topic through both psychoeducational and experiential processes.

Family Therapy

Weekly Family Therapy sessions are designed to create a space for identifying and addressing patterns and dynamics within your family system. These weekly therapy sessions will include processing assignments, reflecting on family dynamics, internal/external patterns of behavior and how each person in the family impacts each other in various ways. The shifting of old patterns and dynamics in the family system is one of the most powerful results of family therapy.

Parent Focus Groups

Parent Focus Groups are an educational/experiential component of the treatment process geared toward parents and caregivers gaining support and understanding of their role in the healing process of their family system. In these interactive groups, parents will engage in didactic and experiential learning exercises with their peers, exploring different topics related to parenting, mental health, developmental trauma, substance use, boundaries, and more. These groups are offered virtually twice a week. 

Experiential Therapy

Utilizing the natural elements afforded by the beautiful environment in South Florida, clients engage in therapeutic groups and activities that range from paddle boarding, wakeboarding, surfing, kayaking, equine therapy and deep-sea Fishing facilitated by a master’s level clinician. 

Clients also engage in CrossFit infused therapeutic activities in a state-of-the-art CrossFit facility located on a waterfront property in North Palm Beach, facilitated by a master’s level clinician. These activities are geared toward enhancing mindfulness skills, interpersonal effectiveness, distress tolerance and overall physical health.