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Adolescent Wellness Therapy


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a teen boy talks with a therapist during wellness therapy Helping teens with their mental health shouldn’t stop at therapy. During adolescence, they experience rapid physical, spiritual, and emotional changes as well. Supporting every aspect of their well-being is our mission at Family First. We incorporate wellness therapy programming and take a holistic approach to long-term health and happiness.  

With more than 120 years of combined clinical experience, our team of professionals incorporates a wide range of evidence-based and holistic methods into our adolescent therapy programs. We also provide academic, nutritional, and exercise programs to support the physical and intellectual well-being of the adolescent boys aged 13-18 that we treat. Find support for your son today by calling 888.904.5947

Wellness Therapy for Adolescents 

Wellness therapy focuses on promoting overall well-being and balance by addressing physical, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual needs. It involves a variety of practices such as mindfulness, yoga, meditation, healthy eating habits, and physical exercise. 

We believe that taking a holistic approach to our adolescent therapy programming is crucial for helping teens achieve long-term health and happiness. The quick changes brought on by adolescence often lead to challenging behaviors, like lashing out, screen addiction, and substance use. We know these behaviors aren’t the root issues, which is why we work with teens to explore their underlying emotional and mental health. 

Our Approach to Adolescent Wellness Therapy 

Teens at our center don’t just sit in therapy with a counselor or in groups. When they stay at our residential treatment center in South Florida, teens engage in their healing plans and receive support for every aspect of their lives, including: 

  • Nutrition – Chef-catered meals are created specifically to support adolescent growth and development. 
  • Exercise – CrossFit classes with licensed trainers at our gym promote physical fitness and release endorphins. 
  • Academics – Our educational programming doesn’t just help teens catch up or stay on track; it enables them to thrive academically and prepares them for college or career tracks. 
  • Experiences – Deep-sea fishing, paddleboarding, beach trips, and other activities are just a few of the many fun ways we help teens explore their potential life purpose, develop goals, and experience joy in healthy ways. 
  • Mindfulness practice – Guided meditation, yoga, and other mindfulness practices help teens connect to their inner selves, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve emotional regulation. 

The well-rounded approach to wellness therapy programming at Family First allows us to provide comprehensive support for teens struggling with mental health issues. We understand that each teen’s needs are unique, which is why we tailor therapy plans to address their specific challenges and goals. 

A Residential Center Ideal for Wellness Therapy in Florida 

Family First’s residential treatment center is located in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, the perfect setting for our wellness therapy programming. Our campus is just steps from the water, and we incorporate the serene environment into our therapy plans.  

The safe residences where our clients stay provide them with the opportunity to break from technology addictions, negative peer groups, and other stressors. Instead of being isolated at a restrictive youth program or sitting in traditional therapy sessions all day, our teens experience the right balance of therapy and experience. 

What We Treat 

Our experts have experience and training dealing with the most complex and common mental health conditions teens experience. We help teens living with: 

  • Anxiety  
  • Depression  
  • Bipolar disorder 
  • Complex and acute trauma conditions 
  • Eating disorders 
  • Personality disorders 
  • Schizophrenia and psychotic disorders 
  • Substance abuse 
  • Gaming and screen addiction 
  • Dual diagnosis conditions 

No matter what challenges your teen is facing, we have the expertise and resources to provide personalized care and help them overcome their struggles. Our goal is not just to treat symptoms but to address the root causes of mental health issues and equip teens with the tools they need for long-term well-being. 

Call Family First to Find Wellness Therapy for Teens 

If you’re looking for comprehensive mental health support for your teen, look no further than Family First. Our team of professionals is ready to help your son achieve balance and long-term health and happiness. Call 888.904.5947 or contact us online to help your teen start the path to a better future.