Dealing with Depression 


The onset of adolescence is often accompanied by significant increases in depression as an obstacle for young men to work through. Some may have had earlier challenges, but a lot of the time, depression can emerge in teen years inside of a child that was once incredibly happy and joyous.  Understanding the unique way depression functions for young men is vital to successful treatment. 


Signs & Symptoms of Teen Depression

Adolescent depression is increasing at an alarming rate. Recent surveys indicate that as many as one in five teens suffers from clinical depression. This is a serious problem that calls for prompt, appropriate treatment. Depression can take several forms, including bipolar disorder (formally called manic-depression), which is a condition that alternates between periods of euphoria and depression.

Unrealistic academic, social, or family expectations can create a strong sense of rejection and can lead to deep disappointment. When things go wrong at school or at home, teens often overreact. Many young people feel that life is not fair or that things “never go their way.” They feel “stressed out” and confused. To make matters worse, teens are bombarded by conflicting messages from parents, friends, and society.

By the Numbers

1 in 5

adolescents suffer from clinical depression

Depression diagnoses

have tripled in the last several years 

1 in 5

high schoolers experience bullying

Seeking Treatment For Your Son

We recognize that there are a lot of feelings, factors, and emotions that go into the process of selecting a quality program for your son. We offer a safe, supportive, caring, and nurturing environment staffed by dedicated professionals who are committed to helping your son and your family get on a sustainable path towards healing. We encourage you to speak with one of our trained professionals who can assist you in making the next right move for your son.

What We Treat