Our Treatment Areas

Family First Adolescent Services specializes in treating the most common and complex mental health, substance use, and problematic gaming issues that teens and their families face. Years of experience, advanced training, and a commitment to continual improvement of our clinical program has created the opportunity to heal for thousands of family members across the country and world-wide.


 It is very common for teens to experience an increase in anxiety between the ages of 13-18. Their brains are going through rapid change and reorganization, leaving them susceptible to higher levels of anxiety than ever before. You might see them socially isolating, not following through with commitments, or even lashing out at home because of issues related to untreated anxiety. 


When inattention, difficulties staying on task or focusing, and poor impulse control are impacting your son’s ability to function in various areas of life, they may require assessment and treatment for ADHD/ADD. Proper assessment and diagnosis of this mental health disorder can be a critical part of successful long-term outcomes.

Complex Trauma (C-PTSD)

Complex trauma is a phrase that was coined by Dr. Judith Herman in the early 90s book, “Trauma and Recovery.” The treatment field as a whole has only recently started to understand the impact and distinction of early trauma from our classic understanding of trauma. Our team at Family First is one of the only centers in the country that receives intensive on-going training and consultation on how to treat individuals with complex trauma.


The onset of adolescence often presents with depression as a significant obstacle for young men to work through. Some may have had earlier challenges, but a lot of the time, depression can emerge in teen years inside of a child that was once incredibly happy and joyous. Understanding the unique way depression functions for young men is vital to successful treatment.

Dual Diagnosis

To truly understand a teenage boy struggling with mental health issues, they must be first properly evaluated. Most of our clients have multiple symptoms across the mental health spectrum. Family First separates itself from other providers with a treatment process that starts with a full Neuropsychological Evaluation to determine the proper diagnosis and subsequent treatment protocol.

Family Systems

When a teenager is experiencing mental health or substance use, the entire family is affected. Family Systems theory is a theory of human behavior that defines the family unit as a complex social system in which members interact to influence each other’s behavior. At Family First, you will learn how members of your family interconnect, influence, and impact each other as a system rather than an isolated individual or problem.

Family Care

Problematic Gaming

Addictive and problematic behaviors relating to technology, devices and gaming have skyrocketed in recent years. Teenagers who struggle with the challenges of the “physical world” will regularly retreat to the comfort, safety, sense of community, and accomplishment that they experience in the “Virtual World.”

Problematic Gaming

Substance Use

Substance use in adolescence is a complex and widely misunderstood challenge for teens. The underlying dynamics that drive teen substance use span across social, neurological, and developmental factors. Having a treatment approach that addresses all of these factors is the most effective path to sustainable recovery and healing.

Seeking Treatment for Your son

We recognize that there are a lot of feelings, factors, and emotions that go into the process of selecting a quality program for your son. We offer a safe, supportive, caring, and nurturing environment staffed by dedicated professionals who are committed to helping your son and your family get on a sustainable path towards healing. We encourage you to speak with one of our trained professionals who can assist you in making the next right move for your son.