Is Family First right for you?

Our experience working with thousands of families that have thoroughly researched the adolescent treatment landscape has molded our approach to be not only comforting but highly effective. We understand families are often concerned that their son will view this experience as a punishment, that their loved one will be surrounded by locked doors and hospital walls, or possibly even suffer harm due to punitive isolation or unqualified staff.

At Family First, we are pioneers of providing treatment that is both highly effective at shifting problematic behaviors while being experienced by teens as nurturing. This care is delivered in a setting that is both safe and feels like home, while being provided sophisticated, evidence-based clinical care to ensure the highest possible successful outcome.

The Family First Difference

  • Safe & Nurturing 
  • Nonpunitive 
  • Highly Structured 
  • Non-Isolative 
  • Trauma-Informed 
  • Highly Trained & Experienced 
  • Focused on the root cause in addition to symptoms and behaviors 
  • A warm, home-like environment 
  • Committed to a concierge level of communication  
  • Dedicated to academic success & achievement 
  • Fun & Relatable
  • Flexible and Collaborative