Our Philosophy

Youth residential treatment for teens requires looking beyond surface-level symptoms and having a skilled multi-disciplinary team to explore and address the internal issues that underlie adolescent turmoil. Given the right kind of support and environmental conditions, teens can find long-term and sustainable healing from the most common and complex mental health issues that affect them. Our highly experienced youth residential treatment staff supports teens and families from a heart-centered, and complex-trauma informed approach to accomplish their goals of long-term healing.

Teen-Centric Approach

It is imperative that the youth residential treatment program administrators understand that teenagers are in a stage of development where they are shifting out of relating to themselves, their parents, and the world around them from the lens of a child into the lens of an emerging adult. The importance of maintaining close attachment relationships while finding their own individuality and authenticity is the primary focus of this adolescent stage of development. When teens are struggling with life-interfering behaviors and symptoms such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, substance use, and problematic gaming, so much of the dilemma can point back to their struggle with renegotiating this new relationship to themselves and the world around them.