How We're Different

Family First Adolescent Services believes that effectively treating an adolescent client demands a different approach and intensity of therapeutic services compared to the typical treatment model for adults. Our treatment is tailored specifically to teens, and taps into our clients creativity, vitality and sense of community.

Our more tactile approach to teen-specific treatment uses a variety of therapeutic approaches including NARM™, a specialized approach to healing developmental trauma that focuses on a healthy connection between body and mind, and an experiential program that teaches teens to connect fun with self-care.

Each week, our clients work through their healing process with us during scheduled individual therapy sessions and family therapy sessions guided by their primary counselor, as well as group therapy sessions. A teen’s need for support doesn’t necessarily follow a schedule which is why our clinicians, including Master’s level therapists, are onsite and available throughout the day to address issues as they arise. Family First Adolescent Services embraces the entire family in the healing process, offering specialized support to parents and guardians. We also provide an intensive communication schedule between family and staff so that you stay current with your teen’s progress throughout their stay with us.


Each client sees their primary therapist for five individual therapy sessions within the first seven days.



Clients have constant access to our staff with a 2:1 staff to client ratio.


Teen-centric Approach

Clients complete focus weeks to address anger, impulse control, spirituality, shame and low self-esteem.



Clients benefit from weekly therapy sessions, case management sessions and educational planning sessions.



Parents hear from our staff a minimum of three times per week with updates on weekly therapy sessions, case management and educational planning.


Ongoing Support

Clients and their families receive twelve months of follow-up support.


Innovative Treatment

We are the only treatment center focused on NARM, which allows us to address PTSD as well as other developmental disorders and trauma.

Our Goal is to Transform Lives.

Family First Adolescent Services offers the most comprehensive residential treatment program for teens in the country. We want the teens and families who come through our doors to leave us with the tools and understanding they need to lead healthy, meaningful and fulfilling lives.

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