How We're Different

Participating in a variety of therapeutic approaches is an essential part of understanding and coping with mental health issues. We believe it is essential to have a clinician involved in the daily lives of our clients. For this reason, clients have onsite access to a full-time Master’s level therapist at all times in order to address issues as they arise. Family First Adolescent Services clients have scheduled weekly Individual Therapy Sessions, Family Therapy Sessions, and Group Therapy Sessions – all guided by their primary counselor.

Family First believes that in order to properly treat the adolescent client there have to be significant differences in the approach, as well as the frequency, of therapeutic services than the classic treatment model provides. We also believe that parents and guardians should receive a more intensive communication schedule with staff. Find out more below.


Each client sees his primary therapist for five individual therapy sessions in his first seven days.



Clients have constant access to our staff with a 2:1 staff to client ratio.


Teen-centric Approach

Clients complete focus weeks to address anger, impulse control, spirituality, shame and low self-esteem.



Family First provides evening programming with clinician-facilitated group and individual therapy.



Parents hear from our staff a minimum of three times per week with updates on weekly therapy sessions, case management and educational planning.


Ongoing Support

Clients and their families receive twelve months of follow-up support.


Innovative Treatment

We are the only treatment center focused on NARM, which allows us to address PTSD as well as other developmental disorders and trauma.

It is our goal to transform lives.

We want every person who passes through the doors at Family First Adolescent Services to have the required tools to be the best version of themselves. We want them to live a life of meaning and fulfillment. Family First Adolescent Services offers the most comprehensive residential treatment program for teens in the country. We specialize in treating adolescent boys (ages 13-18).

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