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Lilian Perez, CAC, ICADC


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Lilian began her career working in mental health, trauma, and substance use treatment as a Substance Abuse Counselor helping clients coming out of the criminal justice system. Lilian also specialized in assisting women and children at local treatment facilities. Lilian has extensive knowledge navigating community resources for those struggling with various issues. Over the last few years, Lilian has worked with a range of clients who have struggled with mental health conditions, addiction, eating disorders, and complex PTSD. Lilian has worked as a coach, often helping clients in the 8 dimensions of wellness assisting them with holistic approaches, social skills, cognitive restructuring, self-esteem, life skills, motivation, and daily wellness practices. When appropriate, Lilian’s supportive approach incorporates CBT along with motivational interviewing to assist her clients in reprogramming destructive thought patterns and trauma responses that have led to self-destructive thoughts and behaviors. Lilian believes that by offering compassion and allowing clients the space to become aware of their own destructive thought patterns and building awareness of their strengths and their own internal resources that they can build strong efficacy and have a high quality of life and wellness.  Lilian believes in the importance of meeting each individual in the present moment to create a sense of safety, connection, trust, and rapport. This foundational principle is a vital part of her approach to effectively develop a trusting and reliable relationship.