Iris Maclean, MS

Family Ambassador

Iris Maclean has been assisting families and teens in crisis find treatment for over 15 years. Her passion for working with teens started when she was the Assistant Director of Admissions for a therapeutic boarding school 15 years ago and hasn’t looked back. Prior to coming to Family First Adolescent Services, Iris was Clinical Outreach Director for one of the largest adolescent treatment programs in the country. There she continued to support families in need of treatment for their teens as well as assist mental health practitioners and educational consultants find the best treatment for their clients. Iris has a strong sense of community and enjoys working with schools to support parent organizations and other related groups by providing speakers that are meaningful and relevant to today’s concerns. 

Nothing gives Iris greater joy than speaking to a parent in crisis and hearing the sigh of relief when they realize there is hope for their child to receive the clinical treatment they need to live the life they were meant to live! Having been a troubled teen, young adult and adult, and now a person in long-term recovery, Iris understands the importance of finding the right treatment at the right time in your life. Although she believes that everything you do in your life makes you the person you are, and she loves the woman she has become, she wonders what she might have been if there were programs like Family First Adolescent Services when she was a teen. 

 In her spare time Iris enjoys pilates, yoga and meditation, and taking long walks with her dog Willow.