Family First Adolescent Services offers an intensive outpatient program for girls who struggle with a substance use disorder. It is designed to address the unique struggles that young females face when dealing with addiction.

The program requires a minimum commitment of two months, which is made up of eleven clinical hours per week. These hours are divided between a general process group, a relapse prevention group, a family systems group, and a family psycho-educational group for parents.

Also included are one individual therapy session and one family session per week. Each client is randomly screened for substance use once per week. Clients and their families receive an individualized treatment plan during their second week of treatment.

At Family First Adolescent Services, we provide a safe space without distractions for all of our patients. Our Intensive Outpatient Programs for teens are Gender Specific, which is a vital distinction for young men and women who are battling substance abuse and mood disorders. Through our Gender Specific programming, our patients can focus entirely on their recovery.


Long-Term Treatment Healing Takes Time

Research shows that long-term treatment is the most effective means to maintaining symptom reduction and abstinence. Once a client and their family completes the initial two month intensive program, we strongly encourage them to attend one group session per week, one individual and one family session to complete a six month continuum of care.