We help clients & families build the foundation for lasting change in recovery.

Family First residential treatment is a safe, supervised, and supportive environment for teenage boys to fully engage with their recovery from a substance use disorder.

We provide a special program in a safe environment that blends clinical treatment informed by evidence-based research. This takes place in a comfortable home-like environment that includes Twelve Step community exposure and intense educational support in a dedicated school setting. Our clean, modern, and well-appointed house in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida provides a quiet and peaceful place for adolescent boys to fully engage in the transformative process of recovery.

Family First House - residential teen rehab in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.
Family First Adolescent Services offers Residential Inpatient treatment for young males.

Family First provides residential treatment for young men aged 14 to 18. Please note that we are not able to admit clients unless they are medically stable, including schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder or active suicidal ideation. Please call admissions staff to clarify if this does or does not apply to your loved one. 

Early recovery from substance use disorders is often marked with emotional, mental, and behavioral instability which is why our treatment approach addresses the experiences of every member of the family.

Family First Adolescent Services provides vital programs for families, helping them to overcome the fear, frustration, and anxiety that comes with watching their child struggle. The same feelings that in the past may have made parents feel isolated and alone can be a powerful, unifying force in an environment that validates and supports parents in pain.

You can speak directly with a member of our dedicated staff by booking a free 15 minute consultation.

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A balance of treatment, education, & community help young men to make lasting changes

Residential treatment is not a “quick fix” for your son or your family. As an ethical and reputable treatment provider, Family First Adolescent Services helps teenage boys and their families gain valuable insight on how to recover from the substance use disorders that have derailed their lives. They will learn to process the emotional issues and early childhood traumas that have been blocking success. They will also learn how to practice open and honest sharing in a clinical atmosphere.

Our therapeutic approach specializes in treating mental health disorders and substance abuse in adolescents.


We recognize the importance of education in the lives of our clients.

We recognize the importance of education in the lives of our clients. Students who reside at the Family First Residential Treatment Program continue their education on-site. In collaboration with his parents and the treatment team, a customized education plan is developed with each student to meet their unique needs and circumstances. Our education planning process focuses on personal and academic goals, strengths, as well as graduation requirements, learning preferences, and treatment objectives.

Family First Adolescent Services Class Room will teach addicted teens how to cope with emotions and mood disorders without abusing substances.