Addiction Is A Family Disease

When your child is struggling with substance abuse it negatively impacts the entire family. For this reason, Family First Adolescent Services requires that families of clients commit to putting in the work to establish healthier family interactions. For true progress to take place, each family member must understand and own their part. This will establish a healthier mode of family interaction that is grounded in boundaries and trust. Working simultaneously to heal past wounds paves the way for a brighter future.

During weekly family therapy calls, parents will receive assignments based on the issues identified in their family system. Family members will also receive referrals to therapy in their home area so that they can independently work on themselves. Either Al-Anon or Family Anonymous Meetings is often recommended, in addition to our Family Program when deemed appropriate.

Family Program Three-Day Intensive Group Process Session

The Family First Adolescent Services Family Program is an intensive three-day group process session that focuses on establishing healthy family dynamics. This program is for you and is not with the patient. The goal is for parents to continue their own healing process with other families that are experiencing similar issues.

Family First selects families that we believe will “fit” with each other in a group setting. Most families complete an educational family program with the client while he is in the residential setting. Our Family Program spends only as much time as needed on education and is focused more on deeper issues within the dynamic of the family system.