Parent Interaction Program

A 3-Day Intensive Therapeutic Program geared toward healing the wounds of the past, creating connection and building resilience. During the program, parents who are all experiencing similar difficulties work together, with the help of our team, to identify maladaptive thinking and behavioral patterns in order to shift into healthier ways of being.

Experiential Group Therapy
•Expressive Art Therapy

Interactive Psychoeducation
•Addiction, Gabor Mate, MD and Johann Hari
•Shame & Empathy, Brene Brown, PhD
•Codependence, Pia Mellody
•No-Drama Discipline, Dan Siegel, MD

On top of experiential group work, participants sit through interactive presentations based on the latest research into addiction, codependence and shame. Furthermore, each participant will be given specific homework assignments to complete during the process depending on the specific individual and family dynamics they are struggling with.

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