Parent Interaction Program

When one member of the family is struggling with mental health, substance use, or behavioral health issues, the entire family is affected. Treatment at Family First Adolescent Services also embraces parents and guardians in a healing process.

Our three-day Parent Interaction Program focuses on the deeper issues within the dynamic of the family system. During the program, parents experiencing similar issues work together to identify attitudes and behaviors that can help shift the family towards greater health and well-being.

Experiential Group Therapy
•Expressive Art Therapy

Interactive Psychoeducation
•Addiction, Gabor Mate, MD and Johann Hari
•Shame & Empathy, Brene Brown, PhD
•Codependence, Pia Mellody
•No-Drama Discipline, Dan Siegel, MD

Family members engage in Experiential Group Therapy such as psychodrama or role-playing, and expressive art therapy. We also explore information about addiction, shame, codependence and discipline through interactive presentations. Family members have daily homework assignments tailored to their specific family dynamics.

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