Designed for clients and families who aren’t local to our facility in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, our alumni program provides ongoing check-ins and support for clients and their parents for up to a year or more after their discharge from our residential program.

Your alumni coordinator will call within 24 hours of your scheduled aftercare appointment to check in, then each week for the next 30 days after discharge. We will discuss with both our alumni and his family what to expect: the emotions, struggles, and joy in transitioning back to home or a transitional level of care. We want to know if the client is attending aftercare, attending school, attending a local self-help group, and if he meets with a sponsor or a therapist on a regular basis.

Having a community-based support group and a sponsor or a therapist to talk to regularly can make a huge difference in the progress the client and their parent makes in their own respective recovery. If you need help, we can provide a list of Al Anon, CODA, or ACOA meetings in your area. We can also connect you with other alumni parents.

For alumni and parents who need help connecting with community-based support groups or other resources, we can provide insight into local options available.

You can speak directly with a member of our dedicated staff by booking a complimentary consultation.

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