Clients learn to explore the gifts of the recovery lifestyle while enjoying the beautiful natural environment that Palm Beach Gardens, Florida has to offer. Our gorgeous, fully remodeled house is set in from the road against banyan and palm trees, a mature star fruit tree, orange tree, lush grasses, and a stocked pond. On the west side of our grounds, the bridge over our pond provides a quiet place for reflection or fishing. Our fire pit is just beside it and our two month long winters allow us some enjoyment.

Family First House has three bedrooms—a four-bed dormitory style room for the newest members of the house, and two dorms with two beds for clients in the upper phases of their recovery. Bedrooms are served by well-appointed bathrooms and a large, shared walk-in closet providing ample storage for clothes and personal items.

Our onsite classroom provides clients an intimate setting to interact with their teachers and their studies. Other shared common areas include a comfortable family room for lounging, a dining room for sharing meals with other residents, and a large and modern kitchen. The back porch is covered and used for Ping-Pong, darts, and other projects. Our counselor’s office is separate from living quarters so the house feels like a home.