Residential Treatment for Teens in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Clients will learn to embrace the gifts of a recovery lifestyle while enjoying the beautiful natural environment of Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Our gorgeous property features the Family First House – a fully remodeled house designed to make our guests feel comfortable while learning how to be the best version of themselves. The house is set back from the road and is backed up against banyan trees, palm trees, a mature star fruit tree, an orange tree, lush green grass, and a fully-stocked pond.

The west side of our grounds features a picturesque bridge that crosses the pond. It provides a quiet place for reflection, fishing, and other activities. A fire pit is situated near the bridge, awaiting its moment to shine during our two-month-long winters. There’s nothing like the hypnotic serenity of watching a fire burn.

Experience the benefits of the finest residential treatment program for troubled teens in the US.


Family First House

Family First House has three bedrooms – a four-bed dormitory style room for the newest members of the house, and two dorms that each have two beds. These are for clients in the upper phases of their recovery journey. All bedrooms are equipped with well-appointed bathrooms and a large, shared walk-in closet. This provides ample storage for clothes and personal items.

Other shared common areas include a comfortable family room for lounging, a dining room for sharing meals with other residents, and a large and modern kitchen. The back porch is covered and used for Ping-Pong, darts, and other projects.

Both experiential therapy and extracurricular activities are placed in high regard here. We believe in fostering an environment that promotes strong behavioral health. The property is set up to stimulate internal introspection, education, and external exploration.

The counselor’s office is separate from the living quarters – so the house feels like home.


Education During Treatment

Education is extremely important. Especially for the budding adolescent mind. For this reason, the Family First House features an onsite classroom that provides an intimate setting to study and interact with teachers.Our teachers are fully qualified and will ensure that your child keeps up with their studies during their stay at the Family First House.

It’s important that your child learn to prioritize their recovery while still taking care of business in the classroom. The ability to multitask while juggling multiple responsibilities is an important life skill – one that will be developed and nurtured by the staff at Family First Adolescent Services.