Family First Adolescent Services is a teen rehab center and mental health facility. We specialize in treating teenagers that are struggling with substance abuse, mental health disorders, anxiety, depression, early childhood trauma, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Our focus on the family dynamic honors the research and notion that substance abuse is a family disease. That is why we specifically offer Family Programming. We believe that an individual’s best chance for long-term recovery happens when the entire family undergoes a shift toward healthier thinking.

We treat each family with compassion, curiosity, and presence. Our treatment plans are derived from a variety of clinically proven psychological perspectives, including:

Our team works with clients on mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels to ensure a strong foundation for the recovery journey ahead.

The Relational Model

  We use the Relational Model in our approach to therapy. Established by Laurence Heller and based on work by NARM Practitioner Trainer Brad Kammer, our NARM-based approach is proven to be an effective way to create change in our patients.


Paying attention to what is emerging within the client.


Attending to client without judgment.

Self Inquiry

Paying attention to what is emerging within ourselves as a staff.

Reflection & Exploration

Identifying how clients organize their life experience.

Mindful Interventions

Supporting the client’s capacity for increasing depth of the experience.


Providing space, time and support for transformation.